Breaking And Entering

by Common Thief

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This record is dedicated to anyone fighting drug addiction.


released March 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Common Thief Pennsylvania

We are a pop punk rock band from PA. We also run a DIY record label called PAKY


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Track Name: Addction

He only smokes when he drinks
Only drinks when he’s low
but lately it seams like he’s one or both
He only laughs when he gets high
So he gets high all of the time
To ease the pain behind his knee and spine

Time bombs strapped to their chests
They tried hiding their demons under their beds

It feels like he’s been running for days
Trying to keep up with her break neck pace
It feels like he’s been running for days
Because he can't stop the movement in his restless legs

She never learned how to say "no"
Foot the bill pick up the blow
Now they recite all their lines with your noses
All damn day long from dusk till dawn
You heard they turned up dead
I hope you heard wrong

It seams like its been snowing for days
A white cloud looms over this God forsaken place
It feels like its been snowing for days
and I can't feel my face

One fateful night under that oak tree
You guessed it right
They both O.Ded
Spikes in their arms I won't forget
Life hit hard like a ton of bricks

It feels like I’ve been sleeping for days
The sheets pulled over my faces
It feels like I've been asleep for days
This bed is a shallow grave
Track Name: Annulment

Couldn’t be happier for all ex lovers
Honestly I don’t see what they saw in me
Ear to ear I smile when hear they’re doing better
Without my selfishness and insecurities

Never knew the meaning of working together
Already admitted its not you it’s me
Just like Hester Prynne with a scarlet letter
Except that mine is a “T” because I am thief

Take the blade hang it high
Above my head
I accept the stigma
I take responsibility.

Thank you
Thank you! So much!
For showing me
Just what I am made of
Thank you
Thank you! So much!

Leaving me behind
Was a blessing in disguise

Cracks in pavement and personalities
Promises have shelf life like commodities
I said “Never stop holding my hand”
I’ve never met such an arrogant person

Hell yeah I lied. I said what I had to
To get them come on (tour) and to make them leave (also tour)
So take those dirty looks suck on them slowly
Always love hearing they’re talking bout me

When you repeat the stories make sure you tell them right
I guarantee you’re soundly every single night
Track Name: Deathbed

Here’s a stick of dynamite I’ll light it for you
Hold it closer to your empty head then I held you to my hallow heart
I’ll run and I’ll duck for cover
As I watch you fall apart
I can’t believe I called you “brother”

Last night I lit a cigarette for each and every one of my Ex best friends
Woke up half dead with black lungs and shortness of breath

The King of calling it quits
A cruel taste of my own medicine

Can’t be friends
Never gonna be enemies
Complete strangers cursed
But cursed with good memories
We can’t go back
To the way things used to be
I’m done forever
With you and me

Today I wrote on a paper page titled it “My Life’s Mistakes”
Ran out of lines so I wrote it in the space
Today I wrote on a paper pager titled it “My Worst Mistake”
Wrote “taking you back” on the top line then I threw it away

The King of calling it quits
The Queen of false promises
Sins, vices and demons
I love em like they’re my own kids

Now I can’t swim the distance between you and me
And it’s time to put this to rest and bury this at sea
Track Name: Bugbites
Bug Bites

Live a life full of worth
Always stay busy
As fast as appendages allow
I’m fine with eating dirt
If I deserve it
I’ve acquired a taste for it by now

Maybe I’ll slow down for a moment
Catch my breath try and build some steam

Cause they don’t make em like they used to
Paper parts and plastic everything

Everything was made to be replaced
I pray you never replace me

I labeled every star
With my regrets and my mistakes
Then I thanked them one by one
For lighting the way
I calculated every cost
It’s worth twice what I paid
Bug bites on my back
Between my shoulder blades
Track Name: Murked

It might be hard to believe considering the circumstances
But I’ve count of night I’ve spent blowing chances
We were far from picture perfect
Every ounce of pain
It was worth it

Wont let you haunt me with my past its back there for a reason

Kicking and screaming I thought I told you
I’m never leaving they’d have to drag me
Kicking and screaming I already told you
I’m never leaving they’d have to drag me

Maybe if I
Had apologized
Once or twice
And said it nice
We’d be closer
Than on separate coasts tonight
We’re on separate coasts tonight

Maybe I’ll lie
To you this time
Yeah I tried
But I’m way too nice
With out you here
It’s hard to sleep at night