Deathbed ( SINGLE )

by Common Thief

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I’ve heard it said before that there are people who come into your life for only a season. This is bullshit philosophy. People give up to easily on relationships. The second it starts to hurt a little or feel a little bit like “work” or they have to actually forgive they cut ties and toss in the towel. Not me, if I call you “friend” I really mean to say “family” because I can only describe my love for you as being that of an older sibling who yes may love to bust your chops and press your buttons but when the rubber meets the road I’ll give double black eyes to anyone who takes issue with you. We don’t always get along and we don’t agree on much but I’d take a bullet for you! Hell, I’d take a bunch! I guess the point is to do your very best to fight it out but make it work. The worst feeling ever is being complete stranger with someone who used to know your darkest secrets. -Jake



Here’s a stick of dynamite I’ll light it for you
Hold it closer to your empty head then I held you to my hallow heart
I’ll run and I’ll duck for cover
As I watch you fall apart
I can’t believe I called you “brother”

Verse 1:

Last night I lit a cigarette for each and every one of my Ex best friends
Woke up half dead with black lungs and shortness of breath

Pre Chorus 1:

The King of calling it quits
A cruel taste of my own medicine


Can’t be friends
Never gonna be enemies
Complete strangers cursed
But cursed with good memories
We can’t go back
To the way things used to be
I’m done forever
With you and me

Verse 2:

Today I wrote on a paper page titled it “My Life’s Mistakes”
Ran out of lines so I wrote it in the space
Today I wrote on a paper pager titled it “My Worst Mistake”
Wrote “taking you back” on the top line then I threw it away

Pre Chorus 2:

The King of calling it quits
The Queen of false promises
Sins, vices and demons
I love em like they’re my own kids


Now I can’t swim the distance between you and me
And it’s time to put this to rest and bury this at sea


released January 16, 2015
Recorded By Apparition Sound
Produced : Chris Curran
Music: Shawn Dearmit, AJ Barnes, Jake Langley
Lyrics: Jake Langley
Melody: Chris Curran & Dillion Vuksanovich



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Common Thief Pennsylvania

We are a pop punk rock band from PA. We also run a DIY record label called PAKY


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